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Our Strong Points

20 years of experience

For Japanese customers who are strict with quality 11,000 companies. Strong costomer relation and high retention rate by service provision. Based on wealth of experience, we have developed various tools in-house to improve the efficiency of our workflow.

176 countries correspondence

Japanese → English, Japanese ⇔ Multilanguage,
No. 1 in translation business in terms of language variations. Capacity of more than 26,000 translators around the world. Diverse translators who are accurate and flawless to determine the image that you project.

TRADOS support

Further improvement of quality by introducing TRADOS.
1. TM (translation memory) function Enhances the quality of translation by standardizing translated words.
2. MultiTerm function We will unify the proper nouns such as the place name and the person's name.
3. TRADOS analysis Pick up duplicates of repetitive words and terms and improve translation efficiency.

6 Months Quality Assurance

The last step in ensuring that quality assurance in translation is to involve the client review. Clients provide feedback and might ask for improvements. With this inclusive process open up to 6months period of time, we can ensure high quality that satisfy customer needs.

Translation fields

Our professional translators are specialized with each field will be in charge. We can respond promptly and flexibly according to all customer's requests. b-cause Inc. responds promptly and reliably according to the customer's needs.


Localization - helps companies to localize their businesses. Combines language and culture of a specific target markets. Adopt product, website or document content to meet the local expectation.

Legal / Patent Relationship

International legal documents, business contracts, complaints, license agreements, rental agreements, notarial deeds, corporate registry transcripts, corporate accounting materials, etc.

IT related

Various software, hardware, peripheral equipment, manual of electronic communication equipment, user's guide etc.

Medical / Pharma related

Medicines, medical equipment, clinical trial reports, academic conference materials, etc., such as new drug approval application materials, laboratory reports at overseas laboratories etc.

Technical translation

Various manuals, specifications, automobiles, household appliances, construction machinery, local factory manual, manufecturing and engineering etc.

Business related

Product and Company information, pamphlets, business letters, presentation materials, planning and research documents, business planning documents, newsletters etc.

General document

Living guide for foreigners, catalog, event guide, letters, mail, resume, CV, other publications (fictional writing, non-fiction) etc.


Environment, education, history, philosophy, entertainment, media, government, blockchain and crypto, tourism etc.


Englsih > Japanese Specialized Translation (The Pokémon Company 2018/01)

English > Japanese plant quarantine translation (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 2018/01)

English > Japanese Education related questionaire answers translation+specialized translation (Kumon Educational Japan...

Japanese > English Discovery of "staged" and process of direction (Ritsumeikan University 2017/10)

Japanese > Englsih Yokohama Arena translation of price list+Specialized translation (JTB Communication Design, Inc 2017/09)

Japanese > Japanese > English Translation regarding energy (Shimadzu Advertising & Communications 2017/09)

Japanese > English > Six multi languages Annex 07 NEOVEIL mannual translation (GUNZE LIMITED 2017/09)


About b-cause

Since our establishment in 1998, b-cause has experience of handling over 11,000* corporate clients.
Our clients vary from individual to government, private to public companies.