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Multi-Language translation and Localization

About b-cause

How many translators and interpreters do you have? How many staff do you have at your office?
Our company has 90,000 staff registered in 167 languages and 180 countries. These staff are at your disposal for all your language and staffing needs. We also have 15 permanent staff helping us out at our Japanese and Korean offices. Feel free to contact them with any needs you have!
What are b-cause's strengths?
b-cause has over 90,000 registered staff in 180 countries. In addition to strength in numbers, our coordinators carefully listen to your needs and select the best candidate to match them to give you the optimal results.

Regarding works

Is estimation free?Also, how long does it take to receive an estimation?
Esimation is for free but it can only be done between 9am to 6pm of Japan time. Please note that there might be some delay depending on amount of the translation content and time differences.
Is it possible to ask for free tiral (as a test )?
It is possible to submit a free sample, however, free samples are limited for a large project where ptoject can sustain up to 8 months. All clients are entitle to check our quolity prior to an order. Also, free trials are available for only conditions listed below.
In case of English → other languages, Amount:400words(English) or source language abou200words.
In case of multi-translation → English, Amount:source language around 400charactors or source language around 200characters.
If you wish to ask for a free trial, please contact us.
・Please let us know the outcome of trial as it can help us to improve our services.
What is the minimum amount for an order?
The minimum order starts from $30.
Is it possible to order multiple languages?
Yes, it is possible. Please let us know your requirements.
The area of the field is very rare. Can you still handle it?
we have more than 25000 professional translators and checkers signed up in the system and they all have various backgrounds and specialities. Please ask our coordinators for details.
Does price chages accordingly with?
If you wish for express submission, additional fees may apply. Please counsult with us or ask for a free estimation for fast delivery.
Is it possible to receive finishing product within a day?
If you are in hurry, please use cloud translation service trans-pro run by us.(24h response, minimum 30min)
Can I order from oversea? How can I pay?
Yes it is possible. However, if it is your first order and the volume is large, we may ask payment in advance prior to the project. We will send you a free estimation prior to translation wrok. After submission is completed, we will attach a PDF copy of invoice via e-mail. Afrter you check the invoice, please send the due amount to our bank account.
How do you assure the quality?
Project Manager (PM) will assign appropriate translators, checkers and engineers, and manage translation, check and engineering process, If you have any comments or concerns, we will provide a free editing period up to 6 months.
(Additional fees for any additional changes made on the content )
Is it possible to receive a translation certificate?
Yes it is possible. If you have any format of your choice, please let us know.
Can I cancel my order after an official order has been completed?
We request all the cutomers not to cencel after your official order has been completed. Howeverm in unfortunate, unavoidable circomstance, you may request to pay for "an amount of work that has been done prior to cancelation" as an cancelation fee. all translators are required to read through related materials, terms and acquire related knowledge prior to translation work. Hance, cancelation fee must cover time for preperation, transportation (if applys), efforts and opportunity cost lost for translator/staff members.
I would like to order for a confidential document. What is your private or information security management?
Out company policy asures your privacy security and all contents we received will be kept as confidential materials. Also, we are open to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to suit your needs.
I have terms fot porticular terms to be used in translation work. Can you use those lists?
For any terms to be used in translation, please send a list of terms in source language and target language side by side. We will apply terms listed for translation work. In order for highest quality assurance, please hand in the list of terms prior to translation work.
If it possible to use translation tools such as Trados?
Yes, as we introduced Trados2019 and we have numbers of translators and checkers who have extensive knowledge on Trados. Translation tools such as Trados is designed fo deliver large content fast and to use terms consistantly in case of technical manuals or for localization.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Translation Related

What's the best way to use your translation services?
Our contact form includes all the basic information you need to send us. Our coordinators will contact you within one hour with further information. We accept orders from one sentence or one word. Don't hesitate to contact us with any small volume translation needs.
What happen after I place my order?
Our coordinators will carefully examine the details of your request and propose the most useful solution for you. When we do, we'll also give you the quotation, delivery date, quality risks, and other information. Our normal translation delivery time is three days or more (one day for contacting a translator, one day for translation, one day for checking), but in situations where time is a factor you may place your order as a special rush order as well. You can also speed up the delivery time by informing us of how much time it will take beforehand to gather the material and when the translation will begin.
Can you handle express translations?
We can handle rush translations. The following prices by number of pages apply.
No. of pages Super express (2x) Express (1.5x)
Up to 3 pages Back same day when ordered by the afternoon Back within 12hrs
4~10 Within 12hrs Within 24hrs
11~20 Within 24hrs Within 2 business days
21~30 Within 2 business days Within 3 business days
31~40 Within 4 business days Within 5 business days
41~50   Within 6 business days

Interpretation Related

Do you charge by the level of the interpretation?
The fee will vary depending on the nature (level) of the interpretation and the situation. Please contact one of our coordinators for more information. You can naturally take your time in deciding if interpretation is needed once you have spoken with our staff.
What is the work flow, from the time I order until my interpretation?
Our coordinators will carefully example the details of your request and select the most suitable interpreter to recommend you. We will ask you for the target language, date, place, purpose, and number of interpreters that you need, and propose the best interpreter for your needs. You can also request to meet with the interpreter beforehand.
Is there anything I should be aware of if the interpretation takes place far away?
Basic fees will be charged for each day.

Ex.: For 2 days of interpretation (8hrs/day) = Basic fee x 2 days + (fee per hour of interpretation) x 7) x 2 days = your total cost

You will be responsible for all transportation fees. (Taxi fees will apply for early morning and late night transportation.)

Meals in general will not be subsidized. However, you will be responsible for the interpreter's meal fees if the interpreter joins you for meals. (If the interpreter paid.) Should the interpretation work exceed 8 hours (9:00 - 17:00) a day, you will be charged an extra 25% for each hour exceeded. You will be charged an extra 50% per hour on top of the standard fee for any interpretation work performed from 23:00 - 6:00. You will be charged JPY 2000 per hour of transportation as well (outside of a 50km radius). You will be charged for any accommodation fees should overnight accommodation the night before or after be required due to interpretation times.
How much notice should I give before I need interpretation?
1-2 weeks advance notice is sufficient for us to arrange interpretation.

However, we will do our best to accommodate rush requests (previous day/same day requests). Please contact us for more information.fees should overnight accommodation the night before or after be required due to interpretation times.

Recruitment and Staffing

We want to employ someone that has business level or better English and Japanese to handle sales at our Japanese base. What should we do?
We will confirm the details of the situation and find someone with the right experience from our registered staff in Japan. We will then send their resume to you, and arrange an interview date and other matters. We can handle all detailed steps and services for you, such as the interview method, all paperwork, and so on necessary for employment.

B-cause will bear no costs related to actual employment at your company.
We want to employ native speakers at all our operations worldwide and strengthen our local strategies. What services can you provide for us?
We can introduce someone from our global list of registered staff (someone who is from and resides in the country you need) to meet your needs. Afterwards, we will check with and work with your company as needed until you find the right person to employ. Naturally, there is no fee until you find someone to work for you.

We want to hire a native English speaker who will be graduating from a Japanese university next year to expand our sales reach at our Japanese subsidiary.

There are students from all over the world attending Japanese universities and planning to graduate soon that are registered with b-cause. We hold job seminars at our company, and each year we help numerous new graduates find employment.

We can propose students that meet your needs and help you make the right choice.
Is there anything I need to be aware of before employing someone?
If you (or your Japanese firm) is planning to interview in Japan, there are no problems. However, if you are planning to interview in other regions, we will need to discuss how we will conduct interviews between b-cause, the potential staff, and your company (e.g. through a web-based system, or through a video conference at your company).

Be aware that these arrangements may need to be repeated several times.