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Persian filmediting

Persian Film Editing

Persian filmediting

In today's society (business) where boundaries of borders, time zones, and languages ​​have become unlimited, opportunities to appeal services and products with voice and video like YouTube are steadily increasing. In the video editing service, it is a video editing service such as corporate PV, product PV, video, TV drama, movies and so on. 180 countries 169 Language Foreigner Network We offer excellent image translation/editing that you can convince with foreign technology network and highly skilled staff in each specialized field. In addition to a speedy response, we will back up our business strongly with high-quality video editing that satisfies our customers.

Perfect delivery system

  • We have established a cooperative system with specialists in all languages ​​and fields around the world to realize real-time support.
  • By specialists searches by a unique database, it is possible to respond quickly to customer's needs.
  • We respond to urgent requests. Please contact us first.

Specific service content

● Subtitle insertion, replacement of narration, telop editing Subtitle edit/subtitle data input: Subtitle characters to video data. (SST/SST G1 compatible) Audio editing: Dubbed the voice of the translation language recorded in the studio to the original voice, or edit the voice over. It supports multiple languages ​​including English, Chinese, Korean, Asian languages ​​such as Vietnamese and Indonesian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese etc. European languages. Telop editing: Insert telop characters in the translation language. If necessary, filling of the original telop character is also possible. Fonts may be limited depending on the language.
● Dubbing (lip sync)
● Voice over (up to 2 people)
● YouTube, subtitles of web videos, images etc., dubbing service
● Other videos editing
Cutting unnecessary scenes, combining multiple images, replacing or inserting still images such as logos and product photos.

Our Strong Points

Over 20 years of experience

Since our establishment in 1998, we have been supporting many clients for more than 20 years.

Estimate within 1 hour

We will contact you or provide the estimation within 1 hour.
*If you contact us during the Business hour. (09:00 to 18:00 in JST)
*It may take more time depending on the volume and the complexity. In that case, we will contact you within 1 hour.

Six months guarantee

We will support up to 6 months after delivery.
If there are some questions after delivery, please do not hesitate to consult us. We will correspond as much as possible.

Working history with over 14,000 companies

We have been maintaining the business over 20 years and served more than 14,000 companies.

Quality Assurance

High quality video editing.

1. We only contract with professional technicians to provide high-quality films or movies editing.
2. Our experienced editing coordinator will double check to see recordings or movies for quality assurance.
3. We provide 6month support after submission.

Safe and fast submission

1. We provide real-time support in coordination with movies or audio specialists.
2. We provide service in a speedy manner with our original database and specialists directly.
3. We respond to urgent requests. Please contact us first.

Film editing fields

Company Promotion Videos

In-house training materials for companies: sales training promotion video, business training, contents promotion video, sales promotion, training manual, etc. Presentation material: company promotion video, stock holders meeting, factory, facility, office promotion.

Product promotion videos

Campaign product, new product promotion: soft/hardware, IT service promotion, other promotion videos, infrastructure promotion video, NGP activities, schools, government related promotion videos.

Tourism, facility guidebook

Museum audio guide, art exhibition, tourism related material for local government, shop/store guide, facility announcement, emergency announcement.

Sales, media for distribution

Sales marketing promotion video, barrier free subtitles, international medical group promotion video, NPO activity presentation video.

TV drama, movie editing

Oversea drama (including packaging)* , TV program, promotion video, data contents for streaming, broadcasting media, movies for film festival, international exhibition.
*In packaging process, we can assist entire process of video production.

Order Flow

step 1

Estimate request

  • Requests from customers
    Please let us know the details. (purposes, formats, etc… )
step 2


  • The estimate is completely free. Estimates are performed within 1 hour as a general rule.
    (Those with large amounts may take time to count the letters) 
step 3


  • After checking the contents of the estimate, when you wish to officially place an order, please fax or e-mail "fill out" and fill it out. The start of work will be after you receive an official order.
step 4

Sending materials, dates and others required.

  • We will arrange excellent staff according to the contents of your request from our unique database. 
step 5


  • To discuss small detail and schedule (only by request)
step 6

Start editing works

  • We will dispatch the workers*.
* For oversea assignment, please contact with us first
step 7

Film editing work check

  • Third-party native check (charged)
step 8


  • When all checks are completed, we will deliver it to you by e-mail or the file transfer services.
step 9


  • We will issue an invoice afterwards.


Under construction

Film editing Specialists Wanted

We are looking for the translator and the specialists for localization. If you are experienced or interested in working with us, please contact us.