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translation and Localization

Multi-Language translation and Localization
Taiwanese translation

Taiwanese Localization

Taiwanese translation

Our company localization into English and Taiwanese in a wide range of fields from localization of general contents of business writing, professional and technical contents localization. We will appoint professional translators native English and native Taiwanese appropriate to the content of the project. In principle, the translator who translates the translated word into the native language is in charge. We have implemented a more complete localization with translators and internal checking system.

Translation service overview

Localization service overview

Translation service overview

Responding to global business is indispensable in modern times where globalization is accelerating. Our company supports every aspect of smooth communication beyond languages and cultural barriers. Our experienced staff off 180 countries support 169 Languages. With excellent skills by native staff specializing in each specialized field, we offer excellent localizations that can be convinced to customers.

With real-time support system, we are constantly collaborating with native staff familiar with local information. This will precisely reproduce the context based on the cultural background and custom of the language, fine nuances. We will back up our business strongly with a high-quality localization that satisfies our customers as well as speedy response. Our confidential structure is also thorough. Furthermore, we provide flexibility and prompt response to variations of various delivery forms such as layout, DTP, etc.

Highly quarified translation

Highly qualified and accurate localization

Highly quarified translation and pursed Localization
  • High qualified localization by qualified Taiwanese translators and dedicated support from a professional project manager.(Provide double check for any omission or fault in localization and format maintenances)
  • Double check by the third person which will be the native speaker of that language(Optional)
  • When you find any mistakes in the delivered the edited document, you will get free support after the delivery for a period of 6months.
Thorough preparation for the delivery

Thorough preparation for the delivery

Thorough preparation for the delivery
  • We made a partnership with the Taiwanese translators who are specialized in various fields, from all over the world, to provide support at anytime, anywhere.
  • Provides quick and accurate service which meets the customer's requirement by using our original database and searching algorithm.
  • We can provide a flexible service for your sudden and urgent orders. Contact us and get the information now.

Our Strong Points

TRADOS support

Further improvement of quality by introducing TRADOS.
1. TM (localization memory) function enhances the quality of localization by standardizing translated words.
2. Multi-Term function We will unify the proper nouns such as the place name and the person's name.
3. TRADOS analysis pick up duplicates of repetitive words and terms and improve localization efficiency.

Over 20 years of experience

Since our establishment in 1998, we have been supporting many clients for more than 20 years.

Six months guarantee

We will support up to 6 months after delivery.
If there are some questions after delivery, please do not hesitate to consult us. We will correspond as much as possible.

Technical support team

Our experienced technical support team can provide technical assistance.
Our technical support team with in-country expertise and domain knowledge specific to applications and websites.

Working history with over 14,000 companies

We have been maintaining the business over 20 years and served more than 14,000 companies.

Quality Assurance

High-quality translations based on the principle that native translators work.

We will select the best translator according to expertise.

Integrated management system by experienced project manager enables selection of appropriate translators,
linguists who specialize in targeted language and bring success to the localization project.

Technical support
We utilize necessary translation tools which can be utilized in a localization project for application or Web pages.
Technical engineer teams with specialized skills will support for greater customer satisfaction.

Localization fields

Our professional translators are familiar with each field which will be in charge.
We can respond promptly and flexibly according to all customer's requests.

Legal / Patent Relationship

International legal documents, business contracts, complaints, license agreements, rental agreements, notarial deeds, corporate registry transcripts, corporate accounting materials, etc.

IT related

Various software, hardware, peripheral equipment, manual of electronic communication equipment, user's guide etc.

Medical / Pharma related

Medicines, medical equipment, clinical trial reports, academic conference materials, etc., such as new drug approval application materials, laboratory reports at overseas laboratories etc.

Technical localization

Various manuals, specifications, automobiles, household appliances, construction machinery, local factory manual, manufecturing and engineering etc.

Business related

Product and Company information, pamphlets, business letters, presentation materials, planning and research documents, business planning documents, newsletters etc.

General document

Living guide for foreigners, catalog, event guide, letters, mail, resume, CV, other publications (fictional writing, non-fiction) etc.


Environment, education, history, philosophy, entertainment, media, government, blockchain and crypto, tourism etc.

Order Flow

step 1

Confirmation before estimate

  • As for the amount, expertise, etc., please fill in as much detail as possible. 
  • For the trouble prevention after delivery, please inform us of the final use. (For example, printing, Web data, in-house document, etc. Delivery method, type of file, Please check the version etc.) 
step 2

Free estimation

  • The estimate is completely free. Estimates are created within 1 hour as a general rule. (Large projects may take time to count letters.) Estimation duration is subject to change based on the project content, please consult first.
step 3


  • After checking the contents of the estimate, when you wish to officially place an order, please send the fax or e-mail.
  • The work will start once the official order comes.
  • If you are ordering for the first time, please let us know the address of the invoice and the destination.
  • For individuals, only advance payment is available.
step 4

Staff arrangement

  • We carefully select excellent staff according to the contents of your request from our unique database.
step 5

Localization work

  • Localization work will be performed by native translators of the target languages.

* The time required for the work depends on the localization amount, expertise, and delivery form.

step 6

Internal check

  • After localization, the internal localization coordinator makes strict checks for any missing localization etc.
  • In the case of multiple languages, experienced staff will perform comprehensive checks.
step 7

Third party check 

  • A third party separated from the translator will double-check the localization document.
    This process will be charged separately.
step 8

Confirmation by translator

  • Based on the localization coordinator and the contents checked by third party native, we will finish it more accurately.
step 9


  • When all checks are completed, we will deliver it to you by e-mail or post.
step 10

Issuing an invoice

  • We will issue an invoice at the time of completion of all deliveries.

* For first-time-customers may be required to pay advance full payment or 50% payment before delivery.



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Localization Specialists Wanted

We are looking for the translator and the specialists for localization. If you are experienced or interested in working with us, please contact us.